When you’re planning adventure trips, seasonal climatic conditions are a huge factor in choosing dates. We run our New Zealand trip each February and our Australian trip in October. Customers have often asked over the years why we don’t offer back-to-back Australian and New Zealand tours. Most everyone wants to visit both countries and it’s logical, if you have the time and money, to expect to see both countries with one trip across the Pacific Ocean. You can certainly do this on a sight-seeing tour but not on our outdoor adventure trips.

You of course know that we pick the best experiences and the best of a country when designing our trips. For New Zealand we include both the North and South Islands and for Australia we include Sydney, the Great Barrier Reef and the Outback. February is the perfect time and the most settled weather in New Zealand to enjoy sailing, sea-kayaking and hiking a glacier. If we went to Australia in February it’s just too hot to hike in Sydney’s Blue Mountains, to hot to even go to the Outback and on the whole East Coast and the Great Barrier Reef stinging jellyfish make the sea miserable for swimming. If we offer New Zealand in October we’re subjecting our customers to very changeable spring weather. We’d get some sunny days but these would come with a cool wind and we’d also get rain-lashed days when even seeing the great scenery out the windows would be difficult.

While New Zealand and Australia share a similar British heritage, the differences between these countries are huge and are best enjoyed in separate experiences. To state the obvious, Australia is huge and New Zealand is small. You need to fly from place to place to see the best of Australia while New Zealand is best enjoyed by land. Australia is outback desert, interesting wildlife and thousands of miles of stunning surf and sand. New Zealand is rainforest and volcanoes, glaciers and boiling mud, fjords and mountains. Native peoples are very different also. Australia’s aborigines have generally been marginalized both in terms of where they live and within the Australian culture while New Zealand’s Maori are totally integrated into society. The differences are so vast it almost requires a different mindset to travel well through each country.

New Zealand: February 4 – 17
Australia: October 15 – 25

Weaving in Canyon de Chelly

On Saturday May 15 we’ll return to Canyon de Chelly, AZ on the first leg of our inaugural Southwest Highlights trip.   One of the highlights of our personal jeep trip through the canyon is seeing Spider Woman Rock.  Legend has it that a woman who weaved used to live at the base of this magnificent formation.  The rugs that she wove were all patterned with straight lines but they didn’t sell well.  One day she watched a spider weaving its web and she decided to mimic that spider in the patterns on her rugs.  When they started to sell she taught other women to do the same.  The Park Service calls this formation Spider Rock but the Navajo’s call it Spider Woman Rock.

Here is a Navajo weaver whom we met on last year’s August Best of the West trip in her hogan inside Canyon de Chelly.  A hogan is a six sided structure with the door facing east to greet the new day’s sun.  This weaver’s family is one of a dozen Navajo families who return to the canyon each spring and continue to live the traditions of their ancestors.  They raise their own sheep and pick the wool and spin it as you can see in the photo.  They use roots, leaves and rocks to dye the wool and they use the same basic looms that have been used for centuries.  You can buy rugs direct from the weaver as one of our travelers did.  Our next Best of the West trip in June 8 – 17 with seats available.

Late Bloomers

Three friends of mine in their seventies have recently discovered that they have a talent for painting.  As one who can barely draw the cork from a bottle, I’m in awe of their abilities!  But more importantly, its made we wonder how many hidden talents we may all have if only we had, or took the time to pursue them.

Sunny and I guided Pink Jeeps together 17 years ago.  She told me that she could always draw in high school but there were no art classes back then.  When she retired and moved to Missouri she decided to take classes from Rob Howard in Boston and Frank Cavino closer to her home.  Sunny has sold many of her pieces and paints portraits of people and pets on commission.

Harriet has been our graphic artist here at Canyon Calling since 1996, responsible for the production of each of our brochures over the years. She’s been very involved in sculpture but when she retired she picked up a paint brush and you can see an example of her wonderful work in this photo.  I’m lucky enough to have two of her pieces hanging in my home.  One is a smaller version of this painting and the other is a painting of the most scenic place I’ve ever seen – Moraine Lake in the Canadian Rockies.

Fay is a long-time Canyon Calling customer and today she sent me this picture of her painting copied from a photo she took on her Sedona Sojourn trip four years ago.  It won first prize at a local show near her home in New York!  Those of you who have visited Sedona will recognize Red Rock Crossing.

Keep it up ladies – very proud of you!  For those of you who suspect that you have a talent for art or in any other capacity – all I can say is go for it!

If you need inspiration, please visit the web site of my friend Adele Earnshaw (adeleearnshaw.com).  Dell has made her living as an artist for the best part of her working life and her specialty is wildlife, primarily birds.  Her paintings have been exhibited at the Natural Museum of Natural History in New York and she designed the duck stamps for the New Zealand government.

Who’d Marry this Crazy Gal?

Vern would – that’s who!!  Lucky guy.   March 26 is the BIG DAY for Celeste and Vern in Sacramento, CA.  Here’s wishing all the love in the world to Celeste, one of our favorite Canyon Calling customers.  Celeste has traveled to Iceland, New Zealand and to Costa Rica with Canyon Calling.  She made some great friends on the Iceland trip and four of them, Julie, Nancy, Barbara and Judy are all flying in for her wedding.  These ladies exemplify so much about women’s travel.  We sign up for a trip mostly because we want to see a special part of the world.  After the trip we realize that what really happened was that we built relationships and a sense of community with our travel-mates.  Some of the “Estelle” group from Iceland (you really had to be there!) later went on to book a custom trip with Canyon Calling to Costa Rica.  What a blast – they were zip-lining, rafting and kayaking queens!  Have a fabulous time together girls and send pictures please!

Camping – Really?

The main difference between traveling with a tour company and traveling independently is that the guided trip provides experiences.  One of these is camping.  We camp out two of the ten nights on Best of the West trip.  We provide all equipment and we make sure you get a shower the next day.   Sure we could stay at a Holiday Inn at Page or Chinle but instead we camp a night on Lake Powell and another inside Canyon de Chelly.   It’s magical to watch the last rays turn the buttes afire on Powell and to hear the coyotes call inside de Chelly.

On last year’s Best of the West in August we lay outside our tents mesmerized by the annual Perseids meteor shower.  Its fun to sit around the fire and hear Daniel’s stories of his Navajo ancestors and especially wonderful to leap into Lake Powell at first light.

Almost everyone tells horrendous camping stories  from their past – most involving awful weather.  The Southwest summer weather is perfect for camping.

Super Trip to New Zealand

Barbara N, VA – Seeing your gorgeous country through the eyes of someone who was born and lived there was a truly special experience.  Your inside information, special stories and especially your obvious love of your homeland added so much to our travel experience.  I’m glad I could do this trip with Canyon Calling.  Loved all of the activities (although think it will be my last time on a horse!!) and especially the night with the Maori.  I look forward to staying in touch and enjoying other experiences with you wherever they may be.

Our newest trip evolved from the revelation that adventuring in the Southwest should not just be limited to the months when you can swim in Lake Powell and camp inside Canyon de Chelly.   The weather in spring and fall on the Colorado Plateau is calm and the temperatures are in the 70’s and 80’s – ideal for hiking and exploring.  So, “Southwest Highlights” was born!

This trip is perfect for those with only a week’s vacation to spare and for active ladies who enjoy seeing lots in a short amount of time.  Each day is split between enjoying a favorite activity and covering some very scenic miles.  There’s always time for happy hour before dinner in one of our relaxing lodges.  We rotate roommates each night and this contributes to great group cohesion.

I enjoy the discussions each night about how tomorrow’s scenery just couldn’t be any more spectacular than today’s – and then we find ourselves having a similar conversation the next night!  We soon realize that comparing the spectacular is a futile endeavor.  Each experience stands alone until we have seen a whole year’s calendar of WOW in one week!  Join us May 14 – 20, 2011!

I gave myself a gift of a vacation by myself when I first retired – and discovered a gem in Cheryl Fleet as I was searching for places to go for an active, women only vacation. It was Sedona and the Red Rocks where I experienced a totally awesome week – a week filled with all of my needs taken care of and an agenda of unforgettable experiences.

A year later, I needed more – which brought me on her trip to New Zealand. It was the second day, while jetting up a glacial river that I thought it couldn’t get any better than that – but each and every day brought yet another adventure and another awesome experience. Never was there an experience that felt like a guided tour; each experience was personal and Cheryl’s passion and energy was living in each activity. In two weeks, I experienced walking across a volcano, hiking on a glacier, sea kayaking in the Tasman Sea, spending a day at sea aboard an almost private yacht watching dolpins and blue penguins and breathtaking sights — and so much more.

I made a book of my experiences, and each one I show it to says every page is a picture perfect postcard.

Being the one who normally plans vacations, it was an added pleasure to have someone plan and execute all of the details for the trip so that I could just enjoy the experience.

Also, being able to share this with the other women on the trip made me feel like part of a family! What a wonderful way to share experiences!

So, I just learned this New Zealand trip is noted by National Geographic as a trip of a lifetime! I knew this before the article was published!! So, put this trip on your Bucket List!

For the very first time a WOMEN’S trip has been included in National Geographic’s annual 50 Tours of a Lifetime!  And it was Canyon Calling’s “New Zealand – The Best!”  It was a thrilling moment to open the May 2010 issue of National Geographic Traveler and see our 15 day, top to bottom, inside out journey through New Zealand listed next to the finest companies in the travel industry.  In addition, ours was the only trip to New Zealand listed!  Many of you have called and emailed to shout “About Time” and we thank you for that.  Those of us at least ten years in the women’s travel industry have paid our dues and there are any amount of statistics showing that our niche has been the fastest growing segment of the industry throughout the past decade.  The coed companies noticed and have added “women’s” trips to their offerings.  Keith Bellows, Editor Of NGT, notes in the same issue how tours have evolved to accommodate cultural immersion and formation of relationships – things that women tour operators take as a given.  Women need to connect with the people of the land – and the experiences on our trips are oftentimes the beginning of a bigger journey.  On our New Zealand trip, our overnight on the Maori marae (homeland) is a classic example of offering these opportunities.  We arrive as guests and leave as family – and are usually very moved by all that occurred.  When you’re ready to treat yourself to a lifetime trip, join us in New Zealand!

Bay of Islands sailing

“I’d LOVE to go to New Zealand but I just couldn’t go THERE without my husband.”  Over the last few years I’d heard similar comments, and in any business, listening to your clients is important.  So I offered a co-ed trip to NZ and led the trip this past February.  It was successful and we all had a fun time – but it is unlikely that we’ll offer future co-ed trips on our schedules.  The trip reminded me that I started this company because I love the team nature of traveling with women throughout the world.  With coed couples, folks tend to go off on their own when activities are over, and guiding such groups becomes a lonely endeavor.  One of the joys of vacationing with women is to watch everyone let their hair down and just totally relax and be themselves.  But women act differently when the guys are around, choose what to say and if they’ll speak or not and oftentimes defer to what the guys wishes are.  All that is fine – but that isn’t why I started this company.  Besides, there are thousands of trips for coeds and relatively few especially for women.  So many thanks to Paula and Bill and Mary and Steve for a fun two weeks.  But Canyon Calling is going to stick to the knitting and do what we do best – design and lead multi-activity, soft adventure worldwide trips for moderately-fit women.  Cheers!

Hold on to your hat!  The Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Festival is sure to knock your socks off!  It is beyond awesome at the “rodeo launch” to witness the colorful field of balloons being filled and slowly lifting off at the crack of dawn.  The variety of shapes from Darth Vader to the space shuttle to cartoon characters to Uncle Sam, fill the beautiful blue New Mexico sky!  While enjoying the amazing view above, there are bands playing, treats to eat and booths selling balloon treasures and crafts.  This is truly a sight to behold, and can be enjoyed on the October 2 – 6, 2011 Balloons over New Mexico trip.

Within striking distance of Santa Fe, Bandelier National Monument offers breathtaking scenic beauty and abundant archeological riches.  You will be “wowed” by hundreds of masonry structures and cave shelters that dot Frijoles Canyon.  The Loop Trail and Alcove House are sure to impress.  After climbing several ladders up to about 140 feet above the canyon floor, the Ceremonial Cave is a spectacular sight you won’t want to miss!  The view of the creek below is great! Using the trail guide as an excellent companion, this high-walled town is an interesting and fun one to explore.  The fall colors arching over the path that lead to and from this national monument will leave you in awe.  There are now two opportunities to enjoy this amazing historical site:  on both the June Desert Mountain Escape trip or the October Balloons over New Mexico!

I had traveled little and never considered adventure travel until my fist year of retirement from teaching. I knew I wanted to see the beautiful places in the American west but I wasn’t sure how I wanted to travel. Arranging trips with family and friends was complicated to schedule and traveling alone didn’t seem like much fun. Then I discovered Canyon Calling Adventures for Women. The Sedona Sojourn tour was absolutely the perfect trip to see if adventure travel was right for me. It was a short trip with all activities based from our lodging in Sedona. The trip activities sounded easy enough that I wasn’t concerned about my lack of experience. I pumped up my courage and off I went to Sedona on my own. The trip was a fantastic experience! Traveling with interesting women was safe, exciting and a tremendous amount of fun. After just one trip I realized the world was now mine to experience and explore. Traveling with Canyon Calling Tours is a great way to see new places and try new activities in a supportive and fun environment.

July 2010 update – Cherie has moved to Sedona – she’s in photographer’s heaven!!

If you’re looking for a little slice of heaven in the form of a fall hike, you might want to give Lockett Meadow, outside Flagstaff, AZ a try.   In the inner basin of the San Francisco Peaks, this little getaway offers a unique hike through quaking aspen groves.  Under the blue blue sky laced with a thin, white ribbon of clouds, we hiked along to the sound of the wind in the trees and the brittle rustle of dry grass and pine cones under our feet.  It was spectacular!  Looking up, we were in the midst of an endless sea of yellow with white tree trunks that reached as far as the eye could see. The air was sharp and clean and although the colors had not yet reached their peak, the breathtaking beauty was a great escape from the office – and not yet crowded!

Cultural Highlights on our Trips

Here’s an OMG cultural moment from each of our trips:

  • Iceland: Hearing our guide Heidrun describe the Snorri saga and its significance to the Icelandic people.
  • Costa Rica: Visiting an indigenous Indian community and buying simple handicrafts from the children.
  • Peru: Visiting the floating reed islands of Uros and seeking how the people make everything out of reeds.
  • Swiss Alps: Listening to a hymn sung by the yodeling choir with alphorns on a Sunday morning at Mt Pilatus.
  • New Zealand: When the children at Omarumutu Marae sang America the Beautiful in Maori for us.
  • Australia: Hiking the ancient song line of the Emu Man in the Blue Mountains.
  • Alaska Summer: Meeting the locals in a Homer pub – right out of a novel!
  • Desert Mountain: Visiting Taos pueblo and talking with the current inhabitants about their ancestors.
  • Sedona Sojourn: Exploring Palatki ruins and imagining what life must have been like for the ancient Sinagua people.
  • Hawaii: Hiking with our guide to the Wailua falls and hearing his tales of growing up in Hawaii.
  • Morocco: Delivering school supplies to Berber kids and them singing their favorite song in return.
  • Best of the West: Hearing our guide in Canyon de Chelly tell us the story of the seven brothers.
  • Utah Canyonlands: Yucking it up with the cowboys on the horse ride through beautiful Bryce Canyon.
  • Arizona Spectacular: Visiting with the Hopi people in their homes and buying kachina dolls and tiny delicate pottery from them.
  • Tetons-Yellowstone: Watching buffalo graze and remembering how close we came to losing these beautiful beasts forever.
  • Canadian Rockies: Appreciating the conservation-inspired locals who limit access to Lake O’Hara to keep it pristine forever.

Another “must see” to be added to your list of “places to go before I die” is Bryce Canyon National Park. What a spectacular view when you first see the towering hoodoos! These rich colorful sandstone rock formations are sure to amaze you. While hiking the Navajo Loop Trail, there is a seemingly endless maze of massive ponderosa pines mixed in with the hoodoos that will have you “ooo-ing and aaah-ing”!! It’s a thrill to stand next to the twisted trunk of a juniper tree and look out across the surreal landscape of hoodoos, spires and fins that stretch for miles in every direction. If traveling on the Southwest Highlights, Best of the West or Utah Canyonlands trip, you will experience this wondrous odyssey by horseback! Cheryl thinks this is the most beautiful National Park in the world. I couldn’t agree more!

2009 BOW 386

Imagine launching your kayak just under Hoover Dam and looking up at this massive structure. Our fascinating journey began here. We traveled down the Colorado River for thirteen miles and I felt inspiration, awe and reverence for the Earth. The canyon seemed almost lifeless with the stillness broken only by an occasional bird croaking overhead, the scattered sound of the wind or the drips off my paddle. Along this wondrous trip we stopped numerous times for a short hike to the hot springs where we soaked our weary bones. The surface of the pool seemed to shimmer and dance as the water then slid over the ledge, down a narrow stream through the canyon towards the Colorado River. A delicious picnic lunch was enjoyed on the banks at mid-day. This incredible journey is a memory I treasure, and will be sure to delight your adventurous spirit! You too can enjoy this amazing trip on the Best of the West tour!

IMG_3831It’s amazing to me how a body of water surrounded by no vegetation can be so starkly beautiful! Lake Powell is a reservoir bordering Arizona and Utah, and is a boater’s paradise. This majesty of nature in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is a joy to behold. Wonderful red rock formations and beautiful painted walls separate the deep blue water from the bright blue sky. What fun to stop periodically to jump overboard to cool off! A short hike brought us to Rainbow Bridge, the highlight for any visitor to Powell. Cheryl shared a wonderful Indian legend that makes the bridge come alive. Soon we pull into Dangling Rope Marina – who’da thunk you could get soft served ice cream out in the wilderness! There are an infinite number of places to pull your boat in to camp – and we found a beauty! We were amazed that camping could be so luxurious, with gourmet food to boot! The sunset over the water was spectacular and the night brought an abundance of stars. An overnight on Lake Powell can be enjoyed on the Best of the West, Arizona Spectacular or Utah Canyonlands trips!

Memories of the Rockies are still in my head like a little secret treasure in one’s pockets. Certainly, I know I’ve woken up many of my girfriend’s adventurous spirits from this trip. Choosing to do something like this was easy for me. And it surprises me how almost ‘in awe’ most of my girlfriends are at such a thing…traveling alone without knowing anyone?…I guess there is a certain vulnerability involved, that one has to put one’s self out there and not be hesitant of the adventure, the experience, good or bad, or other women, for that sake. So, I’ve already got two who would travel in a heartbeat with me. Although, for myself, part of the fun was/is being on my own and making this ‘MY’ experience versus ‘OUR’ experience. I think one definitely learns more about oneself as well as opening up to others without the safe hold of having a familiar friend nearby which tends to limit the experience…possibly anyway.Irene and CC

Of all the gorgeous hikes I’ve taken throughout the years, there is none more stunning than Lake O’Hara in the Canadian Rockies! This was a real OMG moment for me….deep turquoise water, majestic mountains – some snow capped, pines-a-plenty and beautiful wildflowers. After an early bus ride up to the trailhead, we took off for our six mile hike with our lunch in tow. The scenery around the lake was beyond breathtaking! The mirror image of the majestic mountains in the water was almost surreal! We climbed upward in elevation to Lake Oesa for our picnic lunch….passing glorious waterfalls along the way. This destination was so beautiful, that we just had to sit in silence to absorb it all! The return hike was equally enjoyable and as you can imagine, we took plenty of photos! (although they never seem to do justice to the true beauty of this wondrous land)

glacierHave you ever wondered what it would be like to walk on a glacier? Let me tell you that it is an exciting adventure! Layer up your clothes…it’s cold! The experienced guide will assist you in strapping on your crampons so you can walk without the worry of slipping. Off you go! The glaciers are an amazing color of blue and white.  As you trek along, you can hear the crunch of the ice under your feet, you will peer down into deep crevasses, you will learn about how the glaciers formed (with the use of a candy bar you will then eat!), you get to drink this ice cold fresh water…the freshest water I’ve ever tasted and you will have fun! If you think this is something you’d like to try….you can sign up for a Canyon Calling trip to one of four exciting places to experience this:  New Zealand, Alaska Midnight Sun, Canada or Iceland.  I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

cathedralHaving come from the east coast, I thought there was nothing more spectacular than biking along the coastline with a constant view of the sand and the sun glistening on the salt water.  Turns out I was wrong!  While biking in Sedona, I realized that this is an adventure that must be added to your “bucket list”!  It doesn’t  matter if you like to road bike or off-road bike.  The panoramic views of the majestic red rocks are nothing short of incredible!  Whether you are zooming downhill, huffing and puffing uphill, or on a straight away, I guarantee you will have a huge smile on your face as you look around in any direction to see the vibrant red rocks against the bluest of blue skies and the contrast of the junipers.  The sun shining on the red rocks only intensifies the colors….at sunrise, when first coming around the bend and spotting Cathedral Rock waking up in the shadows, at sunset or anytime in between.  Whether you are seeing these red rocks in direct sunlight, shadows, or sillouette,  there is such a healing, powerful, magical feeling when biking in beautiful Sedona.  Give it a try….you won’t regret it!

Ok where to begin?….New Zealand = sailing with a pod of over 200 dolphins, climbing the Franz Josef glacier then standing inside an ice cave that was not “there” 2 days prior and would be gone in 4 more (see the CC website I think that pic is posted), or participating in over 24 hours of community invitation and acceptance rituals with Maori (that humbles you in the face of God and has you saying “oh my gosh.”)—then there’s Iceland…..which frankly should be called Greenland and vice-versa. The most astonishing geography/geology I’ve seen outside of Death Valley. Lordy Lordy…..one of the best kept secrets in the world. Of course for me…the people anywhere you go are so important and Cheryl never leaves this out. You definitely KNOW the country you visit thanks to the guides and experiences you have. Then there are the “people” on the trip with you…your travel mates…..the women that you meet and hang with and laugh til everything hurts…and cry sometimes too. I’ve said this before on Facebook and I’ll say it again here….I’ve learned as I’ve traveled with Cheryl and CC that I simply say “OK” to whatever she suggests or has for the gang to do…she has it down and every time I venture and explore the challenges embedded in the trip I am filled with countless “OMG” moments. I’m back for another in little over a month…Costa Rica…yea baby…no I mean “OH MY GOSH here we go again!” Celeste (Sacramento, Ca)

IMG_4376I traveled with Canyon Calling to the Canadian Rockies this past summer. WOW! This was a memorable, life altering trip for sure! Life altering, as it opened up a new opportunity for me to help guide women’s adventure trips…a “dream job” for me! Memorable for so many reasons. The scenery was absolutely breathtaking. (to the point that it often brought tears to my eyes), the adventures were beyond fun…but the most spectacular of all was the bonding of a group of women from all walks of life. Almost instantly, this group of eight gals became friends. There was a sense of comfort among us. We laughed, sang, supported one another, shared stories and just plain had fun! We toasted one another at our “happy hour” before dinner. We encouraged each other as some gals were stepping “out of their box and comfort zone” on this trip….and all felt genuine happiness as one another reached new goals. Cheryl is an amazing leader, and leaves no detail left undone. She ensures that EVERYONE feels they are an important part of the group, and makes the decisions so that all you have to do is come along and have the time of your life!

IMG_0235I’m often asked how I decide on locations for new trips. I will be writing many blogs on this topic.

Firstly, it must be a location offering multi-activity options. For example, Ireland is unlikely to be on our schedule as it’s limited to hikes and horse-rides plus the weather is notoriously unpredictable.

Then a close second is the “OH MY GOSH” (OMG) litmus test. Does the scenery knock your socks off – ie, would you hang a picture of it on your wall? Or, is the cultural experience so profound that you’ll remember the experience ten years down the track?

Here’s an OMG scenery moment from each of our trips:

  • Iceland: Watching hundreds of puffins up close on the edge of a cliff – they look like clowns with feathers!
  • Costa Rica: Seeing smoke from indigenous people’s fires coming up through the jungle as we raft the Pacure River.
  • Peru: The first site of Machu Pichu as we hike through the Sun Gate.
  • Swiss Alps: Hiking beneath the Matterhorn on a clear sunny day.
  • New Zealand: Southern Alps perfect reflection in Lake Matheson at 6am.
  • Australia: Holding a koala – no feeling quite like it in the world!
  • Alaska Summer: Canoeing past icebergs at Spencer Glacier.
  • Desert Mountain: Soaking under the stars in the hot pools just outside Santa Fe.
  • Sedona Sojourn: Sitting in the saddle of Cathedral Rock.
  • Hawaii: Sea kayaking and having dolphins pop up next to you.
  • Morocco: My first site of the Sahara – I would never have imagined a big pile of orange sand could be so beautiful.
  • Best of the West: Hiking and horse riding in Bryce Canyon – drop dead fabulous!
  • Utah Canyonlands: Sitting under Delicate Arch at sunrise.
  • Arizona Spectacular: Swimming in the turquoise water at Havasu Falls in the midst of the desert.
  • Tetons-Yellowstone: A mama grizzly and cubs roadside in Jellystone.
  • Canadian Rockies: Lake O’Hara – enuf said!

What was your OMG moment on a trip?  Let me know if you’d like to add a piece to our blog and I’ll insert it with a photo.

In my next blogs, I’ll discuss OMG cultural moments, and the interaction between the women on the trip. After all, it’s not all about the scenery!

Until our next adventure!

Cheryl Fleet

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